четвер, 28 липня 2011 р.


He has rised from the bones of Joseph Stalin
Like a maggot that feeds from the flesh of a corpse.
And snatched from his hands this great power
He was itching to show his unlimited force.

Doesn't care for his country and for his nation
Just enjoying the power he supposed not to have
Wants to burn down all life and seed devastation
Atomic Hitler, Nikita Khruschev

Developed by Sakharov, powered by Tritium
Naive genius did not know what he's done
The ultimate weapon in hands of barbarian
The ultimate weapon, the Hydrogene Bomb

Will destroy whole world by pushing a button
Atomic Hitler, Nikita Khruschev.
Gonna light up new sun by giving one order
Atomic Hitler, nuclear God.


Перша спроба писати англійською. Помилки виправдовую також тим, що вірш має декламуватись (ба навіть співатись під індастріал) з варварським акцентом, як у росіян в голівудських фільмах, щоб надати совецького комуністичного колориту. (Хоч вірш по суті — «антисовєччина», і в той час за нього мене б відправили на уранові копальні ГУЛАГу).

For those accidental visitors who came from search engines: the rest of this blog is in Ukrainian. I publish here my own poetry and my literary translations of different poems and song lyrics. I publish them under alias Hnat Khmelnytsky, so if you want to copy this poem, please consider adding author's name and a link to this post. Feel free to contact me via my Blogger account

And by the way,  though my English is not perfect, some of mistakes in this poem are made intentionally. Or should I say, intentionally left "as is" after realizing that I made a bunch of mistakes. It was made in the sake of Soviet atmosphere. Remember some bad Russian guys from Hollywood movies? Well that's how it is supposed to sound.

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